A new website for J Composites and a redefinition of the ranges

A new internet platform www.jcomposites.eu has now gone live to better highlight the boats designed by the Vendée-based yard.

Our website needed a revamp,” says Didier Le Moal, General Manager of J Composites. “Using numerous visuals and short texts we were keen to better showcase our yachts. In this way, this new website is easier and more transparent to use so there’s something there for our regular clientele and above all any future clients interested in our boats. We felt there was a real need to be more educational about our products for a better understanding of their assets.”

This work on the new J Composites’ brand website has led to the company’s management teams redefining its ranges among other things. “We build the bulk of our yachts for a clientele that is essentially geared towards cruising. We have an image that can be too sporty at times due to the design of small one-design race boats. J Composites has always been centred on the adaptation of yachts designed for cruising, whose features are guided by performance, comfort and the quality of the finish,” adds Didier Le Moal. Two ranges now represent J Composites: the elegance range and the sports range. “The J/97, J/112 and J/122 Elegance make up the kind of DNA of J Composites. For these yachts we worked with an interior designer and they benefit from a honed design and exceptional comfort. They perform well on the water, they’re quick and totally suited to a programme focused on the enjoyment of sailing. The J/70, J/80, J/88, J/111 and J/121 Sport is obviously more geared towards those who are fond of sports and they’re designed to make fast headway across the water in all conditions, be that on the racetrack or elsewhere.”

Finally, a “Grand Prix” division has been created to offer solutions to clientele with specific programmes. “The idea is to optimise and customise our yachts for those owners keen for more. I’m thinking in particular about the J/11S, which has been developed for shorthanded sailing or the optimisation of a deck layout,” concludes Fred Bouvier, sales manager. Visit www.jcomposites.eu